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Welcome to Duskhaven!

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The Server has Crossfaction enabled which means that you can interact with Players from the opposite Faction. As a result the Server Type is PvE.

Custom Content

Duskhaven expands upon the best versions of WoW adding features like reworked Classes and new specializations, Mythic+, Custom Raids and New Quests.

Community Input

Because this project wouldn't be possible without YOU, everyone can participate by creating suggestions on our Discord Server.

About Us

Duskhaven, started out as a small friendly World of Warcraft private server community. The importance about our project, is that YOU can participate by creating suggestions on our Discord.


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Each underperforming Spec has been buffed to make everything viable

Make sure to join our Discord to get more Information on our progress, content and share your interest, or give feedback!

Make sure to read our Class Changes before creating your character.

Watch our Tinker Starting Zone Preview

Watch our Emerald Dream Raid Preview

Watch our Monk Preview

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