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Our Server features many new Changes which you can see down below

Additional Custom Content which is available on this Server
- Heroic Raids (10 Players required)
- Mythic+ Dungeons
Voiced Custom Questlines
- Timewalking
- Brawler's Guild
- New Optional Starting Zone for Players which want to hop straight into TBC Content
- Custom Raids
- 5-man Raiding

Our Quality of Life Improvements
- Healthstones from a Warlock's Soulwell now have 3 charges
- Professions function similiar as in Retail (Outland Mining etc)
- Several crafting Materials and Soulshards are now stackable up to 200
- Heirloom Items and other Vanity goods can be purchased by making a deal with Mor'ani, Duskhaven's Soul Trader (Heirlooms lose their Power at Level 70)
- Players can choose up to 4 primary professions
- Weapon Skills are automatically maxed out
- Class Trainers can be purchased from "Jessica Sellers" which also provide you with a on-the Spot Respec feature inside Raids and Dungeons
- The Dual Talent Feature is available at level 30 for 50 Gold

Men Hoodie

Men Hoodie

$125.00 $145.00 2 $250.00
Total $317