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Additional Custom Content which is available on this Server

- Custom Raids
- Heroic Raids (10 Players required)
- Mythic+ Dungeons
- Voiced Custom Questlines
- New Class and Race Combos such as Dwarf Shamans, Troll Druids and Tauren Paladins
- New Feature: Warmode - Players can activate Warmode which flags them for PvP. Experience received is increased by 10%
- New Feature: Hardcore Challenge - Players can activate the Hardcore Challenge at Level 1 and are heavily restricted and weakened. Demons and Pets cannot be used during the Challenge (You will still get the Lonely Hunter or Sacrifice Demon Buff). If your Character dies the Challenge will fail and can not be attempted again until another Character has been created. Upon reaching Level 60 while Hardcore Mode is active you are rewarded with the Azsharan Grrloc Mount and Hellblazer Title.
- Transmogrification
- Custom Zones (Gilneas)
- New Race: Worgen
- Brawler's Guild
- Timewalking
- Azeroth Flying (Unlockable by completing the custom Level 70 Questline from Khadgar) (Not available on the V+ Realm)
- New Optional Starting Zone for Players which want to hop straight into TBC Content (Not available on the V+ Realm)
- 5-man Raiding (Not available on the V+ Realm)

Quality of Life Improvements

- Healthstones from a Warlock's Soulwell now have 3 charges
- Mana Gems have 3 charges
- Professions function similiar as in Retail (Outland Mining etc) (Not available on the V+ Realm)
- Several crafting Materials and Soulshards are now stackable up to 200
- Heirloom Items and other Vanity goods can be purchased by making a deal with Mor'ani, Duskhaven's Soul Trader. (Not available on the V+ Realm)
- Players can choose up to 4 primary professions (3 for the V+ Realm)
- Weapon Skills are automatically maxed out
- Class Trainers which also provide you with a on-the Spot Respec feature inside Raids and Dungeons (Not available on the V+ Realm)

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Men Hoodie

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